Using AutoView to AUTO-TRAIL y…

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22 thoughts on “Using AutoView to AUTO-TRAIL y…

  1. Hey! A stoploss that's made with PSAR would be awesome! Being able to choose where to place it the same like this one would be so cool.

  2. how to automatic activate trail stop loss at a certain price not at the current market price

  3. Good Morning

    Actually bar_index is not working in this script

    If I manually enter the value of barIndex = 20105
    Then it is working but when I mention barIndex := bar_index, then it's not working

    Please help 🙏

  4. This is great thanks! I´m having problems with the code not showing, or showing in the wrong place as a flat line, the sort auto trail, has anybody had the same issue? Great content as always.

  5. Thanks. I replicated your script and adapted it to V.5. One added bonus that appeared out of the blue was the ability to interactively move the date of stop entry on the chart. Is this something that was added in V.5 regarding the plot(bar_index……. command?

  6. Hey Matthew. Thank you for the video. I am using pine connector. Could you record a similar video but using pine connector’s commands

  7. This Indicator is great. I have created a strategy in pinescript that I want to test this with. How do I get this to automatically detect my long entries and my short entries? and how can I have it automatically up date from long and short. I have tried multiple commands and seem to be stuck here

  8. Hi Matthew, thank you so much for your massive valuable content! I already setup an automated trading system with your instructions and looking forward for seeing the results 😀 Maybe you could answer me a question: In the AutoView syntax there's an option called "Fixed Trailing Stop" (fts) which also should be available for OANDA but I can't get it running. Do you have any experience with it? And do you know the difference between the Trailing Stop your setting up in this video?

  9. Hello all when I install the script TraderView on anything other than a day it flattens out the chart making it unusable. Is there a fix – I love the concept and the work you put into this great function Thanks in advance. Mike

  10. Hello Great video and instructional – I'm a new user -I'm having problems trying to find the exact script you show in the video – could you provide the correct link to the video – Thanks in advance!


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