Webflow VS Elementor (Discussi…

A conversation with Ran Segall and Alyssa Gavinski about Webflow VS Elementor. Alyssa was a professional Elementor and Divi developer for years before switching to Webflow. Let’s find out why. Alyssa’s website:

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30 thoughts on “Webflow VS Elementor (Discussi…

  1. Great conversation. I think the moral of the story is that there could be a usecase for each tool. Also, as a constructive feedback to Alyssa, your site should be mobile friendly. When I opened the link on my phone the first thing that came up was horizontal scrolling

  2. hi..hi..just beginner..may i ask how adobe xd sizes and to elementor ?it not thesame when i match with elementor..but the typography and color were ok… I mean how do I match it from mock up in xd to look exactly in elementor??

  3. I have been building websites for over twenty years and using WordPress since it’s beginnings and have used many tools and page builders over the evolution of WordPress, but I have been experimenting with webflow and really like it. The main downside of it is the managed hosting aspect. I think for a lot of people it is what they need, but for total control I am bias to hosting the site. That said the management of that consumes a lot of time managing plugins and security issues. I do like Elementor for the most part and it does now have flexbox.

  4. I wonder what she would say now that Elementor switched to the flexbox system. Nevertheless, I will not deny she made Webflow sound very, very attractive haha
    I finished watching the video. I know what she would say XD
    My takeaway from this video is: I need to learn Webflow and Shoppify.

  5. Hey Ran just wanted to ask that can we build a website in webflow but host in on other platforms? And what are its pros and cons from the clients side?

  6. As a Elementor Pro user for 3 years. I can say nowadays they improve the tool so much. The new container option save you a lot of time, and you have such an options to customize your website. Yes,for additional functionality you may need some plugins no doubts, for 75% of the projects Elementor pro is just perfect. You just need to use the imaginations,the possibilities are endless

  7. The one which works for you and the client is the best option. There is no king or queen in the argument they are just tools and like all tools they have restrictions.

  8. As a more intermediate-advanced developer, this was a very difficult toss-up, however, I am still sticking with Elementor for three main reasons that were red flags for me:

    1. There is no Dev environment despite being able to publish to a temporary webflow subdomain. Once you publish a change to the subdomain, you can no longer make changes to the current live site because there is only one instance of the editor. FOR EXAMPLE: Lets say you are completely redoing a page, but the client wants a typo immediately changed on a completely different page – you cannot do that unless you finish the page you were working on. * I think this feature has a lot of potential if they are saved in separate accessible environments, eg… Dev and Live *

    2. They STILL don't have custom breakpoints for responsive device optimization. I'm forced to use media queries to accommodate issues that do not fit within the confines of the static breakpoints. Once you start using media queries, it overrides the static breakpoints as well, so you have to manually do every breakpoint if you decide to use queries. I'm an expert in CSS so its not a huge burden to me but it is worth noting to those of you looking for something more versatile for those with no experience with code.

    3. Code customization is practically none existent, there is only one area to pile all of your custom code into. In other words, if you are looking for a custom HTML widget, it does not exist, thus you cannot create and add any more advanced coded pieces to your project if you wanted to. This is probably not an issue for anyone that doesn't custom code everything to the extent I do, however it is incredibly frustrating for those of you trying to make some more advanced functionality such as a 3D carousel or something.

    The only impressive thing with WebFlow for me right now is its incredibly advanced ability to do page scroll effects and general animations. Scroll effects usually take a bit of JS for some of the more advanced site storytelling while incorporating SVG, but WebFlow negates the need for all that JS hassle. Unfortunately, other than that, there wasn't much else.

  9. LOL! It seems like no body here has heard about a file called style.css and never touched a code editor ever. Remember, WordPress is a free and open source software and you can do anything you like with it – if you know. You may have problem using Elementor or Divi or whatever plugin. But, those are just plugins – NOT WORDPRESS!

  10. Elementor's new container model, also bricksbuilder in wordpress are both so similar to building in webflow. Being able to offer clients the option is the strongest thing now. All of these tools have their own benefits. It's about discovering your clients need and then allocating the correct platform for them rather than forcing a platform you think is better just because you prefer it. with small bits of CSS and optimisations you can do basically anything in wordpress with pagebuilders or otherwise. so getting pixel perfect designs in different platforms is a knowledge issue not a platform one.

  11. Yes, there is something to it, but she explicitly says that it is mainly the possibility to implement designs from agencies and designers 1:1 pixel-exact. Sure, this is not sooooo cool in Elementor, but from my point of view it is not made for that.
    If you want that, take a starter theme/boilerplate and use CSS. Everything else is BS, isn't it?
    And with webflow and Co. you run sometime also in limits and borders and it becomes fast really expensive.

  12. WordPress is an awesome tool and it's abilities are unlimited from a marketing to an e-commerce website, I realise that people want to run an agency on free resources forever. Free Elementor and free plugins with limited features, that lady should consider spending some dimes to enhance her creativity if she can't then she would have chosen coding the sites from scratch

  13. I've been hesitating for year to use webflow just for the ecommerce part. I'm frustrated with Elementor tools to really customize woocommerce stuff but I don't really find any other tool that make easy customizing AND using ecommerce features.
    Any other stuff I could've missed ? Apart from headless CMS or 100% custom coded stuff.

  14. Awesome video and good comparison 👍🏻 I’m a Webflow guy but I can’t deny that Elementor is an awesome tool (and WordPress has other useful builders just like it). So much of it comes down to what fits your scenario and needs! Thanks Ran 🔥

  15. I think the comparison is more about how designer friendly, in terms of not ever having write custom code, webflow or elementor/wordpress is.. Webflow would definitely be easier than Elementor/Wordpress as it comes with a lot of blocks built in it. For example, building a simple slider would be a far smoother experience in Webflow even when its compared to Elementor Pro. But when it comes to web development and building complex models and structures, I guess WordPress as a CMS combined with Elementor would be far better

  16. Isn’t the main drawback to Webflow the fact clients can’t update any of their own content themselves? Also working w the best WordPress themes you can import predesigned and styles sections and elements but you can’t do that w Webflow rt?

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