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17 thoughts on “Webinar #1: Get To Know Our To…

  1. Love the vission. 25:00 KGR! Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaat! Rocking it. 52:30 If you guys get into adding NLP data, can you add sentiment?
    1:04:30 GPT-3 bespoke modeling included? 1:21:14 would be more than happy to get you guys reviews in exchange for increased credit limits. 😉

  2. Hello

    What will be really helpful is a over the shoulder tutorial demonstrating a real life work flow from beginning to end for writing a content going from keyword research thought to content creating

    This will show us how the creator of the tool intends the tool to be best used

  3. I particularly admire the fact that you built a solution to your own problem and then realized that you could monetize it while helping others rather than keep it as an in-house advantage.
    I'm not sure if I would be so willing to share my process of turning lead into gold, but I'm certainly glad that you did.

  4. 9:00 I'm glad to hear we will be getting future updates. 🙂 I hope if WriterZen ever introduce a paid feature, you won't ask us to upgrade within 30 days like Frase did for SEO-Addon, and if we don't we will lose the 50% upgrade discount forever.
    Just bought yesterday and very pumped to use this app! Thanks for bringing it to Appsumo!

  5. can you improve the excel sheet of keyword cluster, currently it's very bland. please take note of how keyword cupid does it. all clusters are in colored blocks, easy to understand and look through. BTW, writerzen is an awesome tool. all the best for future

  6. Hi Dan, great webinar on what looks to be a useful platform.

    If you could add DA within SERP analysis I feel it would really help with identifying easier to rank keywords.



  7. Oh, man didn't know you had a YouTube channel. Gonna check out the videos later :). One of the best buys in AppSumo :P.

  8. WriterZen Webinar: Get The Most Out Of Your WriterZen Experience

    8:18 What's coming up next?
    10:54 WriterZen Background; What differentiates us from other tools in the market?
    20:32 In-depth walkthrough: Keyword explorer feature
    38:52 In-depth walkthrough: Topic Discovery feature
    45:56 In-depth walkthrough: Content Creator feature
    1:05:27 In-depth walkthrough: Keyword Importer
    1:09:23 Product roadmap
    1:11:53 Q&A section

    WriterZen is a one-stop content solution to ease your digital writing needs from SEO-primed keyword clustering to SERP hits. Check out our other tutorial videos at https://bit.ly/3d0n9in

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