This video explains the most notable changes made in the version 1.12.0 of WP Content Crawler.

00:15 – Deactivated scheduling notification
00:33 – Disabling SSL verification
02:09 – Element commands and properties
02:52 – Request headers
05:44 – “Set featured image” command
11:52 – “Stop” command
14:58 – Triggering the save_post hook
16:06 – Thanks

WordPress Content Crawler is a WordPress plugin. By using it, you automatically get content from almost any site to your WordPress site.

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  1. You have all these new features as always but do not even support concurrent requests option. It should be an option like For example, you should have a Select number of concurrent crawling on the setting page with the number input field. You can set the default as 1. Thanks!

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