Which Theme Should You Use with ELEMENTOR | Hello,

A common problem is trying to decide on which Theme to use with Elementor. There are many out there, but when you look at the most common is there one that wins?

Hello v Astra v Kadence v GeneratePress v OceanWP

Remember – we’re here to understand the best to use with Elementor, and not which is the best theme regardless of Page Builder.

00:00 Intro
03:03 Hello
10:06 Astra
17:28 GeneratePress
19:42 Kadence
24:09 OceanWP
27:55 Summary

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31 thoughts on “Which Theme Should You Use with ELEMENTOR | Hello,

  1. @14:20 you say you don't see the options? How about adding a social service, like Facebook using the big black + sign that say "Click plus to add",. that is a mere WP block. Sorry, but YT A.I. is messing my recommendations guiding me here.

  2. 2:56 "I'm not going to have any bias towards Hello I'm going to be really honest"
    <2mins later @ 4:43 "the hello theme is built by the Elementor people, the Gods"

    Come on!!! We knew what your favourite theme was before we pressed play.

    Good video, a lot of effort has gone into it. Just a tough pill to swallow hearing 'I'm not biased". Yet, you reviewed Hello theme first, this video is on your channel which is Elementor focused, your videos are promoted/ tagged/ allowed by the Elementor Facebook group admin, they have sent you swag in the post and you have an affiliate link to Elementor in your video description. I wouldn't exactly say this review was neutral.

    Plus your Elementor affiliate link in this video is hypocritical as @25:21 you slate all those who were getting affiliate money from OceanWP… like Hello 😉

    10:06 onwards – Astra isn't as complicated as you made it seem. You know you're biased when you talk about syncing issues with Astra. Why? Because you didn't address the Elephant in the room. You know, Elementor's love for 'full steam ahead' attitude towards updates breaking websites left, right and centre. As opposed to meticulously testing updates before releasing them as Astra do.

    I have owned Elementor Pro for what sounds like longer than yourself and I still use Astra. Why? Astra Pro global settings (colour and typography) is far superior than Elementors. I have, in the past, given my feedback to the Elementor team in the hope for improvement. In my opinion, Elementor Pro global settings is an afterthought and are the main reason I don't use the Hello theme for my clients.

    Hopefully, you don't see this as a negative comment. I've watched a lot of your videos but couldn't bite my tongue. zero bias 🙂

    I 'liked' the video xxx

  3. As a marketer that uses instapage for my clients landing pages, I don’t think I’d id be able to deal with the inflexibility of these themes

  4. Thanks for the information!
    Do you happen to have a tutorial on how to create the Header ןn the free version of Elementor with the help of this free plugin?

  5. Thank you great! the Answer to the question about the theme answered in the first 3 mins Awesome video ( hello- elementor pro) Heartily thank you for making the video and sharing. Best wishes

  6. Thank you. After using Elementor for two days I'm definitely ready to ditch Astra and also Modula, swapping them for pro Elementor. It seems helpful and not bossy. It also seems professional. Plus, I love having it explained by a pleasantly sarcastic UK voice. That's a subscribe.

  7. Hello theme is good for Elementor pro, but with Elementor free Oceanwp is by far the best choice.Try to make a blog or an ecommerce with mega menu with Hello theme and Elementor free and tell us how it work for you. Good luck!

  8. Thanks for the great reviews of the themes. I can't help making the comparison between you frustratingly describing how to get a social icon to show up in an Astra widget to Nigel Tuffnel of Spinal Tap with the missing pit in the olive – "Who's in here? No one and then who's in here? It's a little guy! It's a complete catastrophe!"

  9. Thanks for the info man, just what I was looking for. I only tried Astra with Elementor Pro and pretty soon I came to the same conclusion. We don't need all those headers/features etc features in any theme. Elemntor theme builder is the way to go. Cheers!

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