Why I Don't Recommend Wix …

Should you use Wix? As a business owner and web designer, I do not recommend Wix for other businesses. (Nor do I really recommend it for anyone really, but this video is specifically for businesses.)

First, Wix is not fully responsive. Yes, you can customize it for desktop and mobile, but that doesn’t mean it’s actually fully responsive. If you re-size the browser on desktop, you’ll see that it cuts off content.

Second, you can’t export your content from Wix to another platform. So, if you build up 300 blog posts… you’ll have to manually move them over.

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22 thoughts on “Why I Don't Recommend Wix …

  1. Me personally. Not taking a shot at you or anything. But I've used WordPress for years and have decided to use Wix for an art project. Its just simple and the SEO tools are actually pretty good. 🙂
    I hated Wix for some of the reasons you mentioned because I wrote a ton of blogs on that site and you just can't export it. You can't change themes either. But after having to build WordPress for years, it is just very time consuming and does end up costing a lot hosting a fast site. Especially if you hold a ton of contents on it. When I compare Wix to WordPress for what I'm doing now, it is actually cheaper to have a Wix site. I do miss the flexibility, but that flexibility came at a cost of redesigning alot. Its not optimal for one person to do absolutely everything. Just my 2 cents!

  2. I agree with you totally. I have a website with Wix, and when they announced editor X, I thought it would be a lot easier to migrate but OMG!! Everything got messed up when I attempted migration. I was forced to restore the old version. So I agree with you.

  3. I created a website using wix and once i launched it i purchased some items off of my website so i can take pictures and market online via social media and wix completely froze my entire account and said they need all of my personal information regarding myself and my business because of "fraudulent" activity. Wtf do i do?

  4. Oh gosh! I have the yearly wixpaidfor but was just going to redo it. I liked the idea it was an " all in one" site. Email campaign, store … all of it. Now I don't know what to do!

  5. That’s stupidity. To have someone else build your own website. My website looks great and I made it when I was 18 !! You just have to have the eye for art and make sure everything works right. Just take your time. Do everything yourself

  6. Great video! What if wix keeps adding new verticals applications for clients? They are always trying to improve the product. Plus squarespace is limited with templates, designs and applications.
    Thanks in advance

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