Why No One is Reading Your Blo…

Free Blog Post Templates It’s a pretty depressing feeling when you realize no one is reading your blog. But what’s the reason? Is it a design issue, a competition issue, a content issue, or maybe all three? Here are a couple of reasons why you’re not getting noticed, and how you can get people to actually discover your blog and fall in love with your brand. | Why No One is Reading Your Blog

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23 thoughts on “Why No One is Reading Your Blo…

  1. Your blog is about having a blog… that is your success story. You have no credibility. The advice is good because you regurgitate other people's information. It is like a financial adviser that starts broke and gives advice on finance and becomes wealthy by pretending to have credibility. It is really weird.

  2. Great video as always! I’ve been blogging for 9 months and I love your videos. Very helpful and informative and I never feel like I’m listening to a sales pitch for courses. You have a great, direct approach that I really enjoy. I’d love to learn about your keyword research process. And I always laugh when you mention your paleo blog example so it definitely doesn’t get old 🙂

  3. Great video Allison! I have watched many of you videos- you do a great job! Thanks for the information 🙂 I would love more about keyword research! It's my biggest hurdle with every post! Thank you!

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