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50 thoughts on “Why you SHOULDN'T do conte…

  1. Thanks so much for this, I'm pretty much on the same boat trying new stuff and figuring stuff out, but it helps to be focused and not let emotions cloud the ultimate goal, also its crucial to stay afloat, ride the waves and then once you land on that promise island, then you can get to do stuff that you find interesting. Cheers.

  2. Hello Caya, in order to express myself better I'm going to say it in Spanish.

    Entiendo que Slidebean, ha establecido un contacto bastante directo con su target a través de estos videos. Pero por qué no apostar a lo viral, como contenidos de TikTok, y utilizarlo como un hook a su contenido de YouTube, con mayor valor y profundidad.

    Btw: I'm from Panama, and i love your content guys.🙋🏽‍♂️

  3. I came to know you through Content marketing ie YouTube

    You are a source of rich content.

    Great love from the pearl of Africa – Uganda. Your bottle is available on your visit to East-Africa

    Happy new year to everyone reading this comment.

  4. Very interesting take on content marketing. I'm a huge fan of the channel. But please move your microphone closer to your mouth to improve your audio! The audio in the ad read was great, the rest was difficult to hear.

  5. This is BS content marketing doesnt take long if you run paid ads against it. You put a piece of content on youtube then use it to run youtube ads and boom you will have sales or leads if the content is good and shows how you solve a problem for a specific demo. If you just post it on youtube without running ads then yea it will take long.

  6. I left San Francisco the week before you guys were at Dolores Park. Totally regret not extending my trip to meet the Slidebean crew and community in October. These informative videos cease to amaze me. Keep fighting the good fight Caya. Please visit Tokyo someday

  7. I’ve always loved how you face your strategy and I really love you sharing your thinking process openly with us. I’m not sure if I’ll become a client in the future, but I really love the company and this content is so helpful and instructive. Truly thankful and best wishes ever for you and your team. Saludos desde Argentina

  8. I believe content Marketing is the best mindset, even if you do mainly other campaings in the end. You have to think much more about your Key Audience, the problems they are facing and narrow specific use cases and then produce and test different approaches. This compared to ‚just’ classical campaigning offen produces ‚creative bullshit’ but might fail transporting messages. And in the end nobody really analyzes the reasons.

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