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In this tutorial, I’ll show you the new Twenty Twenty-Two theme in detail, and how to use the Full Site Editing, or FSE, in WordPress 5.9 and later.

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This is the biggest update in WordPress history, introducing Full Site Editing, Block Patterns delivered with a theme, and the new Twenty Twenty-Two theme.

With FSE you can customize all parts of your site, including global areas like the header and footer, without using any custom code, and also leverage Block Patterns which are groups of pre-designed blocks to be able to easily add unique designs to pages and posts, that fit within the theme design.

Global elements like typography and colors can also be customized site-wide, making content editing and designing much easier than before.

While there aren’t yet many block-based themes in WordPress yet, Twenty Twenty-Two is the most robust and versatile default theme that has ever shipped with WordPress, and this tutorial will show you how to use it.

Enjoy! Use the timestamps below to go to a particular part of the tutorial:

00:00 Intro
02:25 Site Editor and Templates
14:40 Sample Site and Images
26:26 Homepage with Posts and Block Patterns
45:17 Site Logo and List View in the Block Editor
54:00 Change Page Template and the Query Loop Block
1:03:45 Use a Different Page Template and Remove Page Title
1:25:50 Blank Page Template, Import Block Pattern and Recreate Footer

Here’s a link to the developers’…


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33 thoughts on “WordPress 2022 FSE Full Site E…

  1. You are done a great job👍🏻 But… 
    Where is the final result of your customisation? Just the review, nothing more. 
    Boring 🥱

  2. How do I add additional CSS. I added the Contact Form 7 plugin and theres no css on the plugin. I tried just adding css in the editor for the theme and it doesnt do anything.

  3. Thank you Gregg,
    After downloading WP 5.9.3, I wasn't aware that I would have to install/activate the Guttenberg plugin. I had assumed that the feature set was intrinsic to these later versions.
    I wonder what other tibits that I'm not aware of might be lurking out there? I say this with hand on heart, this is informative and robust, however is it possible to reduce the length and the verbosity? Perhaps a version of this video that assumes more with WP?

  4. This was SO HELPFUL! Thank you so much for digging in where other folks are flying over. I especially appreciate that you left in the unexpected bits and unwelcome surprises, because they're things I would've done and where I would've looked, and now I've seen what to do instead 👍🏾😊

  5. Hi Gregg, this message probably doesn’t belong here but I recently enrolled in your WordPress business course 2.0 but I’m half way through your first course. Do you recommend switching to 2.0 now or complete your original course first?

  6. Is there any momentum on duplicating templates? This is an absolutely CRITICAL feature, and it is absurd that it's not already a feature.

  7. Hi Gregg,
    This is great!
    We are facing a bit of an issue with actually starting afresh with this template. We had mistakenly edited the menus and thus the sample landing pages had disappeared. Since we are new on wordpress and are trying to build a simple yet elegant blog page for our nature education fir, we would love the actual simple landing pages to return but we are unable to do a master reset so that everything goes back to what the theme offers. Could we request some help in this regard?

  8. Hello. I've been following along and really appreciate this guide. Just what I had been looking for. I've been working on a site, was able to build pages and create a navigation menu with drop-downs and I believe I saved it in the templates. But I want to remove a redundant drop-down link and can't find the template. Is there a way to identify which header template is being used for all of the pages? Same thing for the footer. The site looks proper, but when I look at all of the footer templates, I don't see the one that I had modified… unless I did it in another part of WP? Thanks.

  9. Hello, I was thinking that you do not still need Gutenberg plugin with WordPress version 5.9, isnt't it?

  10. Thanks for your clear, well-paced tutorial. A January newbie (went from 5.8 to 5.9 overnight between 1/24 and 1/25), I needed help. Although I've stuck with 2022 because of its motif, and though I'm Linuxy enough to use Arch and to have blogged years back, 5.9 seems a challenge. Like you I agree WP's "beta" editor isn't "alpha" yet — but hey, B+ work is good. A question: @ 1:03:26+ your title on the "About" page vanishes after you delete the paragraph below. Are the two paired? Another question: if the "About" remains, how do you reduce excess space between the theme's header and text? Does it demand some backend .php work? Again, my double thanks for all your help.

  11. Hi Gregg, in your opinion. Is this the best and fastest way to build a website, the block editor or with a site builder like Divi or Elementor?

  12. This was excellent. Learned so much creating this project with you. Have 3 questions: 1. Guttenberg plugin did not come with my new installation. 2022 seems to work well without it. Do I need to install this plugin; 2. Never saw or missed how you got HOME to appear in the navigation and 3. Can menu items be rearranged? Thank you!

  13. Hey Gregg! Thanks for taking the time to make this super thorough tutorial, so helpful! I usually use Divi but I have always wanted to use the wordpress native block editor.. I an giving it a try but I can't seem to find an option to change the default fonts. Is it possible to change fonts? I've seen some option but they are not really working for me. Thanks again and thanks in advance! 🙂

  14. I wish this was my ideal 2022 theme tutorial, but I found it merely long winded and unhelpful. Or, maybe 2022 is just very complex and confusing? I am a WordPress developer, BTW, and have been using WP since the mid 2000s.

  15. Thank you very much Gregg for this great tutorial. I've followed it step by step and end at the same result than you, but It looks like the home button is missing in the header (1:38:16). It is then not possible to reach the home page. How to fix that?

  16. Gregg, this was ENORMOUSLY helpful! Thank you for taking the time to create this walk-through. I set up several WP sites years ago and haven't had to do much with them until recently, and I wasn't having a lot of luck with customizing 2020 themes, so decided to give 2022 a whirl. I was so frustrated trying to figure out what was what until I watched your tutorial — there is almost no documentation out there that is intelligible to ordinary people. And I'm glad the whole making the title go away on a page thing wasn't just me. 😂 Now I feel a whole lot more confident as I build my new site. You're a rock star, truly.

  17. Thanks for this lesson, exactly what I needed. I started adding a couple of page templates. But . . . do you know what will happen if an update for the theme is executed? Will your custom made templates survive the update? Or do we have to consider tricks and magic with child themes, if even possible with custom templates.

  18. Thanks for this Martin. Does this come with a site right sidebar or do you need to create a template for it?

  19. Hello – Absolutely wonderful video covering the exciting features of WP 5.9! and the theme 2022. just had to hit the Subscribe button! Thanks a ton! !😳♥

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