Write an Amazing Cover Letter:…

Write an Amazing Cover Letter:…
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37 thoughts on “Write an Amazing Cover Letter:…

  1. Would love your thoughts on a hook for getting a market research analyst interview with American Airlines and the same position within CMS. two drastically different companies. same type of role.

  2. Hello Jeff!
    Omg idk how I did not come across your video until now. I thought I knew how to write cover letters but dang am I wrong. If you don't mind, can you give e some tips for my cover letter I'm writing? Currently I am paying for a Pediatrics medical assistant role at a California university. I've had previous experiences as a patient liasion and in medical Healthcare positions but I can't seem to write anything in a concise and engaging way beyond my qualifications. Any help?

  3. Hi Jeff, really enjoyed watching your sessions! I actually started off with some random video but then couldn't stop listening to new videos. And all that's because I'm actually in search of someone who could guide me on realistic tips that work for interviews and you nailed it!
    Well, would you have any ideas to draft a cover letter for an iOS developer? I am an iOS developer with 6 years of experience. Currently a student doing my Master's degree in Computing. I am looking out for jobs. If you could help me that would be appreciated 😊 thank you and keep doing the great work!

  4. I dont have much room left on my Cover letter.. might have to drop the having learnt of the ….. and use your technique… high stakes.. high rewards.. will be back to see if it worked…. :s

  5. Heyyy, UK Aerospace Engineering Student here, looking to apply for industry placement year at some engineering companies. Need some help with Cover letters for my application, does all the info from this video still apply in my case? Have you get any further tips specifically for my industry? thanks :>)

  6. Hi, I'm applying for a job as a health recruiter, and I was wondering if you could give me any tips on how to reach out to some of the employees of the company to ask them questions about their job?

  7. Hi Jeff, I really need you help. This is when I am seeing your video.i need a tip on how I can start me letter for a accounting Clerk position but I have no work experience just a certificate. Anything that you can give me would be very helpful. Thank you.

  8. I've been a carpenter foreman for the last four years and the company that hired me asked me if I wanted to be a superintendent but the opportunity to move to asst. superintendent never happened. how do I go about getting a company to hire me and develop me into an asst. superintendent?

  9. The fact that you still replying to comments is so outstanding! Thank you so much! Little bit struggling with the hook, applying for Marine Scientist Assistant at wildlife conservation non-profit, having a good solid education, more than 15 coffee chats with people from the company, and experience. However, 3 years gap (look after the baby) and no US experience. Will be so grateful for your suggestions! PS THANK you so much for the videos, literally not sending any resume/cover letter without checking your videos first!

  10. Hiiii, first of all thank you for your well explained and inspiring video. I wuold like to ask you a suggestion, I'm a young civil engineer (just graduated) and I'm looking for a job. What should I write in the first paragraph?

  11. Hi Jeff, I'm looking for IT Manager for a new career, I was an IT service desk team lead. what should I say in the cover letter and show I am experienced and able to be an IT Manager? thanks for the advice.

  12. Hey Jeff, great video and very insightful as well as your other videos. I'm going to apply for architectural positions, do you have any hook ideas that we can apply for this kind of position. Thanks and keep doing these amazing videos.

  13. For those of you who are thinking of purchasing this cover letter, just know that Google Docs offers this format for FREE under their template gallery.
    Really quite shitty of you, Jeff, to sell something that's not unique and Google offers for free.

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